Who we are

Dr. Marlene Lo Baugh

Dr. Marlene Lo Baugh earned her Ph. D. in psychology with a post-doctoral neuro-psychology certification. She also has two Master Degrees. She has taught advanced statistics to graduate students, conducted research and analysis on a wide range of topics and devoted extensive time to public service. Her decades of experience include: significant statistical analysis; extensive reach; learning, organizational & managerial skills and behavior; perceptual behavior, processing, motivation and learning; social equity focused work; and counseling and testing of all ages, genders, economic, racial and ethnic groups.

Les Lo Baugh Jr.

Les Lo Baugh is the President of E Cubed Optimizers, LLC. He is a seasoned senior executive with four decades of experience in the energy, environmental, governmental, and corporate arenas. He has been a partner at major U.S. and international law firms. 

He began his career as a legislative aide at the U. S. Senate working with several senator offices drafting and analyzing proposed environmental, business, regulatory, tax, and other areas. This included such notable matters as the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air, Water, Offshore Drilling Act, Noise Abatement, and Tax Reform. 

Mr. Lo Baugh has served as advisor to corporate, governmental, and regulatory entities. Twice he served as an expert witness before Congress on energy and SEC matters. At Fulbright and Jaworski (Norton Rose Fulbright), Mr. Lo Baugh was the partner in charge of the firm’s Pacific Rim energy and environmental practice. He has been the chief environmental officer and chief compliance officer of two Fortune 500 companies, as well as general counsel of two public utilities and other companies, including alternative energy, real estate, oil & gas, pipelines, and retail. His work includes numerous corporate restructurings, acquisitions and sales. 

Mr. Lo Baugh has assisted many companies with their strategic planning, negotiated mergers and been lead counsel on various multi-billion dollar projects. He has written and extensively spoken around the world on energy, environmental and other issues, including climate change, energy and international trade.

He was a founder of of the Native American Service Agency and has served on several boards. He is president of the Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge, a Native American foundation dedicated to environmental stewardship and the preservation of indigenous knowledge and culture.