About the Firm

What we do

E Cubed Optimizers provides energy, environmental, technical, legal, utility and economic consulting services to Government and Commercial clients.  Our specialties run the gamut of capabilities from high-level policy development and Congressional liaison to requirements analysis, new product development assistance as well as technical, legal, utility services.  Our services include full spectrum project and program support, anywhere in the world.

Why E Cubed Optimizers?

ECO was founded on the principles of Integrity, Experience and Innovation, and we live those ideals by going beyond traditional "senior officer for hire" deliverables of industry expertise and experience. We realize what organizations need today are strategies designed for long-term performance and profitability in a global landscape. Our depth and breadth span multiple industries to include international trend analysis, global marketing, and business strategy development and implementation.  We offer our clients the ability to see beyond today's landscape by bringing in respected business strategists, global marketing professionals and industry subject matter experts to allow you to leap ahead  through executable plans which leverage your core competencies. Your success is our mission.

Why the name E Cubed Optimizers - ECO?

The name E Cubed Optimizers comes from our focus on Energy, Environment and Economic - E Cubed. We chose this name because of our focus on sustainability and the three pillars: economic, environmental and social. These three pillars are informally referred to as people, planet and profits. There is a nexus between each of these important factors. We understand that the nexus must be understood and “optimized” to enable sound decision making. 

While aboriginals viewed the earth as a living organism upon which sustainability was a key principle, Columbus saw the land from a purely economic perspective. The European explorers carried with them not only a conflicting philosophy about nature they also brought diseases which killed millions of Natives and made the colonization of the Americans possible. The attitude of conquest and subjugation extracted a heavy price, which began to change a generation ago.  This change began in a reevaluation of our relationship to the environment, which in turn has brought the U.S. closer to the native ideals of sustainability and resiliency.  That is our ECO focus.